Looking at her photos allows one to stop and truly take a look and rediscover the world in which we live through different eyes. J. W.
Beatrice Casse studied graphic art. Over the years she has worked in many mediums : painting, sculpture, and collage using a variety of materials. She has expanded her variety of mediums further by experimenting with digital photography. She takes her photos from every day tableaus, cityscapes, and landscapes and zooms in on the details. The result is actually very far from every day. She takes us into a buoyant, colorful world that has a fairytale quality and yet points out to us some of the strange, wonderful things that exist around us We discover things that we do not notice as we rush through our hectic lives. A scrawl on a wall, the light hitting an object and transforming it before our eyes into something magical … every day objects seen in an extraordinary manner.
© Béatrice Casse 2016